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In addition to education and training opportunities for our Member Agencies and stakeholders, the Arizona Housing Coalition is proud to bring you our sell-out Annual Statewide Conference. As the premiere training and networking event for the affordable housing and homeless service industries in Arizona, this event attracts approximately 500-600 participants annually from the public and private sectors. The event showcases dynamic speakers and prominent leaders, features sessions focused on innovative best practices and solutions, includes an awards ceremony to honor excellence in our communities, and is an unparalleled opportunity for peer support and networking among Arizona's leaders in affordable housing and homeless services.
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Annual Statewide Conference
November 13th & 14th, 2018 

Featuring Keynote Speaker, Richard Rothstein, author of "The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America"

Arizona Healthy Communities Track: Focused on ensuring all communities in Arizona are healthy places to live.

This unique two-day conference will be a first of its kind, combining two great events into ONE powerhouse conference! New this year, the former Arizona Healthy Communities Conference, created in 2014 by the founding organizations of the Partnership for Healthy Communities, will now become an independent track of the former Annual Statewide Conference on Ending Homelessness to create our NEW Annual Statewide Conference!

Why combine healthy communities and ending homelessness?

Housing is the end to homelessness, and studies have shown that access to safe and affordable housing leads to better physical and mental health, improves the wellbeing of individuals and families, and results in healthier, stronger communities overall. 

What does a healthy community look like?

Our vision for a healthy, housed Arizona includes communities which are equipped and prepared to respond to extreme poverty and homelessness, work to create ongoing community dialogue about important issues, connect people and resources, and advocate for policy which makes it easier for people to live healthy lives in safe, stable housing. 

Let's conference!

In order to further support our mission of an end to homelessness through increased access to safe, affordable homes for ALL Arizonans, we look forward to bringing together experts and leaders in best practices to prevent and end homelessness alongside community development practitioners, planning and health professionals, affordable housing developers, nonprofits and direct-service providers, government, and elected officials from all corners of Arizona to learn about the latest in the intersection of health and housing, and the importance of creating healthy communities throughout Arizona.

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Take advantage of this unique opportunity to reach a diverse audience working everyday to end homelessness, integrate health and supportive services with housing and healthy communities, and advocate for safe, affordable homes for all Arizonans. 

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Presented by the former Arizona Housing Alliance
2017: 4th Annual
2016: 3rd Annual
2015: 2nd Annual
2014: Inaugural

Presented by the former Arizona Coalition to End Homelessness

2017: 24th Annual
2016: 23rd Annual
2015: 22nd Annual
2014: 21st Annual
2013: 20th Annual

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