Permanent supportive housing is a solution to homelessness that has several critical characteristics:

  1. The housing is affordable – generally, households should not be required to contribute any more than 30% of their adjusted monthly income towards the cost of rent and utilities;
  2. The housing is permanent – there are no artificial time limits for the length of stay;
  3. The resident has his/her own lease with ALL of the rights of residential tenancy;
  4. Supportive services designed to assist the resident in achieving maximum self sufficiency and recovery are provided with the housing – preferably on a voluntary basis – but are not a condition for continued tenancy;

Permanent supportive housing has been shown to be a highly successful and cost effective solution to homelessness throughout Arizona and across the country.  It can take different shapes, including site-based developments and scattered-sites units, so long as these fundamental principles are maintained.

For additional resources on permanent supportive housing:

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